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MHD is a range of rigid polyurethane foams that have a closed cell and fine structured nature making them ideal for rapid prototyping, modelling and CNC form generation. It is more specifically aimed at signage and rapid prototyping markets. MHD has all the qualities of Tancast, but with an extremely fine cell, giving an ideal surface for presentation finishing.


MHD also contains antistatic agents, therefore the particulate matter generated whilst cutting has less tendency to stick to statically charged clothing and equipment.


For large projects materials may be cut to size and fixed to an armature or space frame using a wide range of adhesives.

Designs generated by computer can be created quickly with the use of CNC techniques. The ability to manufacture a dimensionally accurate component, or finished article within days of design completion are now possible. This can ensure speedier product development and ultimately market launch.


2 and 3 dimensional forms can be easily generated and then coated using industry standard techniques to give a presentation finish from matt to high gloss. All products can be machined or hand worked to give high quality detail. The range of products available are graded by density, to enable selection of the best product for accuracy, economy and form definition as required.


There are four types of MHD density available:


MHD100 100kg/m3

MHD200 200kg/m3

MHD400 400kg/m3

MHD600 600kg/m3


The lower densities provide a cost effective rapid machining system coupled with an ability to resist the elements. The fine cell structure gives an excellent surface to finish in either cellulose or twin pack paints. MHD 100 and 200 are widely used in signage.

The application of grit blasting or wire brushing techniques can facilitate the appearance of pitted stone or weathered timber. MHD 400 and 600 are better suited to this and can provide an excellent opportunity for the rapid prototyper.


As a basic guide we would recommend the following types for the following applications;


MHD 100 Basic carving and plug modelling

MHD 200 Signage and modelling

MHD 400 Good detail, Thin wall section, Rapid prototyping

MHD 600 Tooling board for small high detail models

MHD 200

MHD 200

MHD 600

MHD 600

MHD 100

MHD 100

MHD 400

MHD 400

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