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Here at Trident we pride ourselves on our service, product quality, product range and customer care. As a manufacturer we are able to supply goods cost effectively and distribute at economical prices for customers both large and small. Because we manufacture from basic raw materials, we can offer a very wide range of product types. All areas of urethane production are covered.


TRICAST sheet materials provided for insulation, structural laminate and model making.

TANCAST block materials favoured for signage and CNC prototyping.

TRIPOR The building blocks of urethane, a range of liquid systems capable of producing a variety of products by the customer.

Trident Foams is proud to be the UK distributor of the AIREX® and BALTEK® range of products.

Tricast rigid polyurethane foam

Tancast rigid polyurethane foam

Tripor liquid polyurethane foam

Airex PVC and PET foam

Baltek balsa wood core

Floral foam for fresh, dried and artificial flowers

With the seemingly endless variety of materials on the market today it can be frustrating trying to find the right foam core for a particular application.


By hovering over each application below you will find a list of our most widely used products in these industries. This is only a guide but it may assist in finding the best material for your requirement. Alternatively you can look through our product sections on the menu above or
contact us  with your query.














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